Smart speakers are perhaps one of the best personal assistants you can get. What’s even better is that they’re virtual assistants and can be controlled remotely. 

In other words, you don’t have to be present physically to have things done your way. Also check

Smart Speaker - All The Fun You Can Have With!

Google Home Smart Speaker with Google Assistant isn’t just an elegantly designed smart speaker. 

It offers you a robust ecosystem of automation and apps that you can utilize to build routines and get detailed information.

In addition, Google Home connects your other smart home devices as well as your smartphones and tablets. 

Whether you’ve got a Google smart speaker or an Amazon smart speaker, chances are that these devices have the capability of doing a whole lot more than you might know.

You must have probably figured out how to get your smart speaker to play music, but there are still things you might be unaware of. 

You can engage your smart speakers for fun and show off a little to your friends too.

Read along to know how you can have more fun with these smart devices. Let’s dig in!

Have Your Smart Speaker Remember Things for You

Did you know your smart speaker can be trained to remember to remind you of things you might have the habit of forgetting? 

It could even be the lock PIN for unlocking your smartphone or a luggage code.

Here are some other things that smart speakers can help remember for you:

  • Sale on your favorite clothing brand
  • Important birthdays or dates
  • Favorite recipes
  • Locker coder

These are just some of the things that your smart speaker can remember, there are a whole lot more things it’s capable of remembering. 

All you have to do is address your smart speaker accordingly and feed it with the relevant information, and it’ll store the memory.

Give Commands and Ask Out Of The Box Questions

What’s the joy in always being serious? Smart speakers let you rewind and have a little fun with them. 

When you’re looking for fun things to do with your smart speaker, there are a number of things you can ask about.

You can ask unimportant questions to pass the time, and have it generate funny-programmed answers for you. 

Here are some out of the box questions you can ask your smart speaker if you’re bored:

  • “Who was your first love?”
  • “What’s your age?”
  • “What did you have for lunch?”

Believe it or not, you’re probably going to receive weird and hilarious answers from your smart speaker. 

Alexa, for example, will never accept to be your partner, if you were to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Use Your Smart Speaker To Replace Your Remote Controller

Although this is a fun feature, it’s not available on all TVs. That said, you can install this feature on your smart TV instead. 

For instance, you can check if your smart TV already has this feature or you can simply install Google Chromecast.

This allows the Google Assistant to do each and every function that your remote control device was capable of doing. 

Ask your smart speaker to turn on or off your TV, and it’ll follow all your commands.

Moreover, you can also tell your TV to change channels, adjust the volume and have your smart speaker remember your favorite show timings. Enjoy a hands-free TV experience!

Control Your Smart Home Devices

For example, if you have a Google Home speaker, it serves as a central hub for all your other smart devices. 

As a matter of fact, most smart devices are compatible with Google Assistant, thus you don’t need to buy a separate hub if you have a Google smart speaker.

If you have smart security devices, smart bulbs, and a smart thermostat, you can synchronize all of them with your smart speaker and control them remotely or through voice commands. 

You can further link your smart speaker to your smartphone to enjoy remote control features.

It gives you the ability to command functions even if you're not home.

Choose Your Smart Speaker Skills

Smart device brands and developers all over the world are constantly introducing new apps for Amazon Echo and Google Home. 

This allows you to download local apps that will tell you your neighborhood bin collection routine, etc.

Google Home features an IFTTT function that allows you to build your own voice commands and also control devices that aren’t integrated with Google.


Smart speakers are fun to use and make our lives more convenient, easy, and enjoyable. We’ve shared 5 fun things you can make your smart speaker do, and we hope you’ll give it a shot!